about me

“This is me, Brechtje Troost.
Nice to meet you.”

Then, together we look at what is already there.
We curate carefully and we strip it all the way back.

We zoom in on the personal details that have a story to tell.
Using natural light, sensitive materials and resonating colors, we give those stories a worthy canvas.

We fill your space not with stuff, but with personality and warmth. With materials that trigger your senses and with functional products that speak to your needs ánd your style.

If your curiosity is sparked, please don’t hesitate to contact me for an informal meeting. I’m looking forward to hear from you.

Each day, the world seems to turn a little faster.
So when we finally make it home at the end of another hectic day, what we crave is some room to breathe.
For life to slow down a little.

We long for that moment when our feet are up, our guards are down and the dust of daily life can finally settle. That peaceful moment when we can just be.

With my work I call upon that feeling of serenity and recognition. Both in images and interior, I create atmospheres where people feel liberated, at ease, nurtured. Where the clarity in their space plays a vital part in the quality of their lives.

I ask questions.
I walk a mile in your shoes.

Who are you? What is your story?
How does your space serve you? I empathize for as long as necessary to get a complete picture.

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"With my work I call upon that feeling of serenity and recognition."